In the agricultural exploration, the green-garden grows. Besides the gardener that takes care of it daily, any adult or child can participate planting or picking up fruit, vegetables or herbs allowing everyone an environmental education and a true contact with nature and life in the fields.

The orchard presents a variety of trees, such as walnut trees, pear trees, persimmon trees, apple trees, cherry trees and plum trees. The bird houses ,built next to some trees, are elements to observe small birds that offer a unique symphony.

The walks in the different gardens offer a unique peace: the Romantic garden, in a courtyard with trees and bushes whose colours change according to the four seasons, creating different cosy places; the Aromatic Garden, where the colours, the shapes and the different flavours can be appreciated; the Plant Path, with the identification of the different trees, bushes, reeds and flowers, with a special spotlight to a centenary tree, “arbustos codorneiros”, a plant that dates from the medieval age.

The existence of walking paths in the fields around the Casa de Docim, also property from the owners, allows a pedestrian walk to admire the plants and the animals of the area or simply the seasonal changes of agriculture. These spaces fortify the contact with nature, the smells and the flavours. To take profit from the admiration and freshness of the water, the pond, the water tank and the little creek make these walking paths unique.