Casa de Docim - THE HOUSE - HISTORY

The Casa de Docim has a building that is inserted in a context of guest rural country house, whose surroundings were strictly connected to agricultural activities.

The start of its building dates the XVIII century, being modified until the 20s of the XX century. The last 90 years were of inactivity and, consequently, of an unavoidable impoverishment although it was one of the causes of its identity preservation, in what concerns its architecture as well as its habits, what kept the building to maintain up to today its essence and its particularity.

The Casa de Docim has never had an intention of luxury and it pretends to maintain this discretion where everything is measured by the rules of sober and dignified life and it’s extended to gestures, habits and objects markedly rural , without losing the standards of well-being, like the pleasure of enjoying the sunset, sheltered from the cold of a salamander or a fireplace, comforted by a ceiling of wood handly painted.

The garden wardens between bourgeois habits, the camellias and the maw flowers, and the rural activities, the vegetables and the orchard side by side, without prejudices.

The Casa de Docim is like this!