Casa de Docim - THE HOUSE - CONCEPT

Although the lindens are in the Casa de Docim, replaced by enormous camellias on each side of the house, one with red flowers and another with white ones, we could be remembering an imaginary of childhood lived in the countryside. And do you remember the places where the silence is only broken by the bell of the church or the twitter of the birds? The Casa de Docim still is like this!

It is a farm house, carefully renovated in harmony with its past and a welcoming present, cosy and of charm. It maintains the structure of the ancient building, 4 double bedrooms and an ensuite, with 2 bedrooms and a living room, a dining-room and a room for breakfast, a kitchen, a big sitting-room, a chapel and a reception, together with the outdoor spaces that include a garden, a biologic green-garden, an orchard, the paths that lead to the house, geometrical, covered by vineyards and surrounded by “codornos” ( a centenary fruit tree), a swimming pool for adults and another for children.

The Casa de Docim offers a bucolic environment in perfect harmony with nature.

Come and visit us and we can promise you will take with you a unique an unforgettable experience.